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CS 20


  • Spraying of liquid brushing and polishing compos via timer.
  • Continuous and intermediate spraying with guns mounted on a linear movement system.
  • Spraying of coolants and lubricants with special nozzles.

The CS 20 model is a pneumatically controlled spray unit for high and low viscosity media, including liquid polishing compositions. The spray is produced by the pressure of the compo being pressed through the nozzle. The nozzles are the same as those used for high pressure metering guns. The compo volume per shot is controlled by the nozzle size, pressure, viscosity and time. The minimum spray time is 0,2 seconds. The C20 has few moving parts and is therefore very reliable und subject to little wear.

Technical details

  • Controls 3/2 way valve (G 1/4 )
  • Air pressure 4-6 bar
  • Air connection G 1/4 - 8/6
  • Compo pressure 4-6 Bar
  • Compo connection LW 13
  • Metering volume 1,5-4cm³